Latina Author Anna-Marie Lopez Talks About Her First Novel

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Please welcome my visitor, artist, and author Anna-Marie Lopez. Her very first book, The Tortilla Children, has been released by Onda Books and was influenced by her dad. After rejecting a scholarship to Howard Payne University, she chose to go to San Antonio College and the University of TX at San Antonio. Later on, she apprenticed in graphics and arts for a year with a carver and painter. She has worked as a graphics designer and production artist for a number of publications, consisting of Texas Monthly. In addition, she’s operated in the music market and has also been a pen professional, dealing with celebs such as Donald Trump, Tom Hanks, and Brook Shields. She has written about with the starving and homeless for several years. Presently, she’s hard at work on a vampire tale. At heart, however, Anne-Marie is an easy person who enjoys her privacy and peace.


Congratulations on the release of your very first book, The Tortilla Children. Before we discuss the book, can you inform us a little about your youth?

I was a very peaceful and shy child. The world of books became my truth; the word,s the stories, and my dreams. I might kill dragons. I might be a knight or a princess. I might have golden hair or scales. I might take a trip the world. My mom’s and my mother tongue was Spanish, but we tried so hard to seem like everybody else.

On your website, you discuss how your skill and imagination was warded off as a child and how you transported your anger and disappointment into becoming an author and artist. Can you discuss this and the significance of motivating kids to reveal their creativity?

My parents simply wanted me to have a comfy life, but it appears now more than ever that money is more vital than anything. There appears to be little need to produce unless it brings money or popularity. We have all become lemmings. And we try so much to please and get attention. “Look at me” is the contemporary mantra. We are so scared to “ruffle” plumes. I do not deliberately intend on ruffling plumes, but I seldom return over what I have stated or composed to see if I was not pc that. I do not censor myself. Ask your child to make up a story or draw photo. Provide a cam and send them outdoors. TURN THE DAMN TELEVISION OFF! Let them dream. Let them mispronounce or use the inaccurate word.

Why do you think so typically art is dismissed by grownups as a ‘wild-goose chase’?

Artists are considered as careless and non-traditional. THANK GOD! There a far a lot of beige people. Somebody has to make others unpleasant, to ask the concerns that others attempt not, to see and dream things that make the status quo worried. Even Yeshua did this. Shoot me if I appear like I might be on a truth TELEVISION show.

Let’s carry on to your book, The Tortilla Children. What inspired you to compose it?

It took almost one year to compose THE TORTILLA CHILDREN. Primarily due to research, something that I delight in very much. Plus there has been much health problems around me recently. We had the book published and printed by in the USA.

My dad had passed away of Alzheimer’s. He was the most truthful, hardest working person I have ever known. We are from a time that not is. I purchased a fig tree in his honor and have it on my patio area. Someday I want to have a little plot of land on which to plant it on next to the anvil. He loved growing things. I wished to say a couple of things that he might never ever say before and now it’s difficult. Like, I love you. A pal of mine advised me to compose when I could not paint. Thank you.


What was your procedure like while composing the book? Do you have a disciplined schedule to compose?

I am up at 3:30 -4:00 am and compose up until 7:00 -10:00 am and after that I try once again at night.

I need peace and it is very hard living in a city apartment building. I have an oatmeal shake with banana and honey daily then 2 black coffees or espresso. I sit at my laptop computer on my dining-room table rather at my desk. My desk in my bedroom has a computer system established for my research. I am rather OCD and sometimes repeat over what I have written. But ultimately I get to where I need to be. Some nights I dream things and get up and run to my laptop computer. I am rather reclusive. I reside in the dark, particularly for my next book.

How did you find Onda Books?

I was trying to find a vanity press. Having written remained in the music market I have a deep regard for independents. I required somebody that wanted to let me have some say and might deciding rapidly because I do not know how much more time my daddy has and I think my mom needs something excellent about now. Rose, the publisher of Onda Books, is enthusiastic about the composed word and was very understanding since her dad passed a couple of months back. I also wished to deal with a Latino publisher with an eye on the future, and Rose does. Ebooks are here to stay.

You’re also an artist. How would you explain your design?

Very basic and a bit on the primitive side. I say what I want. Constantine Bokov and Frida Kahlo. I do not care for a lot of material things in life, and I cannot stand anybody that asks me to paint something to hang over their couch. I want people to stop and look and look once again as ask. I am typically informed after a show that I didn’t make a sale but rather fired up a great deal of discussion over my paintings. I want that. We as artists must all want that.

How do you stabilize your work in between painting and composing?

I didn’t paint much while composing this book but it was my first book. But I handled 3 pieces that took me to New York City.

The book cover for The Tortilla Children includes among your paintings. Is that your lead character? Did you paint the artwork particularly for the book?

I painted it a bit over a year earlier. Hmm … perhaps.

What’s on the horizon for Anna-Marie Lopez?

To find a plot to live on which to grow my dad’s fig tree, without upstairs next-door neighbors.

Thanks for this interview!


How to Go About Finding Latin Love – A Primer of What You Need to Know About Dating Latinos

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When many people think of romantic cultures, they think of Latin America. Whatever it is; from the music to the language to screams pleasure, it’s not surprising that why numerous people are captivated by Latinos.

It’s not difficult to find Latin love. In fact, it’s known that women love dating most Latino men. As soon as you do, you’ll wish to dive full blast into the dating culture. Continue reading to learn concepts for Latin dating and love that make certain to please your partner.


Latinos have a fantastic gratitude for the cooking arts, so supper is always a smart idea. While seated, look intently into your date’s eyes, and take note of the discussion. Bear in mind that Latinos are very enthusiastic people, so if you’re unpleasant with the idea of sex, watch out for acting too sexy. Aim to keep a balance in between interest and sexuality.

Strike the dance flooring

Is there a much better date idea than dancing? Latinos love to dance and shake their bodies. Not just is it a terrific physical release, but it enables intimate contact. So strike the dance flooring, and show your date a couple of moves.

Opt for a walk

Strolling gives you discussion, fresh air, and a long-lasting memory. Find a beautiful area where you live, load a lunch, and bring your unique somebody. If you can handle a night time picnic under the stars, that would be even much better. It’s remarkable how much a little nature can do.


Last Thoughts

These suggestions ought to help you in your mission for Latin love. Whether you’ve never ever dated a Latino before, or you’re trying to find somebody from your very own Latin culture, you ought to be well on your way to preparing a romantic night for them. Simply keep in mind to keep fun at the center of your date, and you’ll have the time of your life.

Latino Business

Misconceptions About Marketing to the Latino Neighborhood

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There are many overstated claims about the Latino neighborhood as a market. Typically, companies blindly pursue these markets without considering how it is that there is a need for their products of services.

The truth is that although there is a very big Latino population they are not actually frequently bonded by their language and in truth, they are really fragmented. There are brand-new immigrants; there are old immigrants; there are Latinos from Old Mexico that have actually been here for centuries; there are initially generation; there are 2nd generation; there are Latinos from Mexico; there are Latinos from Cuba, there are Latinos from Puerto Rico, and there are Latinos from many other Central America and South American nations.

Types of Latinos

Despite the fact that Latinos are broadly classified as Hispanics, they are not all going to react the exact same. Current immigrants that have remained in the nation a number of years are significantly different from immigrants that have been around for 20 years. Usually, those that speak little English or that choose to handle Spanish are at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. First generation immigrants that pertained to this nation as children speak little or no Spanish at all. This naturally is true most of the time, but nevertheless, we cannot say that those that choose to talk Spanish are always at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder.


Tv, paper, and radio reach mainly immigrants and frequently overemphasize the analytical information. It holds true that there are substantial Latino populations, but their reach is restricted. As a guideline, just about 50% of Latino population can be reached with media directed to the Spanish speaking neighborhood. Analytical information will validate from the United States Census shows a photo that is very different from the information that is manipulated when provided by salespeople. The other 50% can best be reached through different demographics. Contrary to common belief the Latino population is, in fact, taking in simply as rapidly as other groups have in the past as well as though the Latino population is growing the variety of Spanish speaking Latinos grows mostly through migration.

The media directed to the Spanish speaking neighborhood can be effective for companies attempting to reach the Latino neighborhood when they are using items and services that are more of the nature of products such as food, mobile phone service, low and medium priced clothes, and to some degree specialized products such as western clothes, but these customers are not prime customers for higher end or more advanced items.

Wrong Approach to Marketing

Some companies appear to not understand that there is not one big Latino population and invest greatly in marketing efforts and are frequently dissatisfied with the outcomes. What some company also do not take into account is that some efforts are really detrimental. Mass mailings for people with Spanish surnames, for instance, are not well advised. It stinks for well-informed Latinos that speak the English language well to be targeted with Spanish language spam, telemarketing, or person to person solicitation.

Spanish Staff

Other issues that services appear to overlook is that you really need Spanish speaking staff to provide these items and services. What is the expense to a business when Spanish speaking customers set foot in your business and there is nobody to offer service? There are also laws referring to handling Spanish speaking customers. When have the clients and the staff, you need a support group that includes Spanish literature and agreements. If the deal is worked out in Spanish in many states, and definitely in California, you are required to offer a Spanish language translation. If the files are not equated and the settlements are performed in Spanish, the customer has the idea to rescind the agreement.


At the end of everything, if you are not prepared to really service the Latino neighborhood, you might wind up with lost sales and big legal costs to boot. A couple of companies have actually experienced this very first hand when they work with dishonest sales individuals that attempt to make the most of Latino customers, specifically in bigger deals that have some sort of a composed agreement such as car sales. Check out our homepage for more interesting articles like this one.


Salsa Dancing and the Body Talking

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Salsa – a dance performance of an enthusiastic love. The charm of salsa was very first shown up in New York in the 1950’s. From the mix of Afro beat and Latino music, salsa which is considered a jazz, rocked the world with its enthusiastic attractive dance moves. Hot hip swings, intricate foot kicking and tapping exhibits and the sensuous caressing like dancing produced salsa’s own identity as the melting pot of Latin dances.

Salsa has much popular significance – music, food, dance and others. However, salsa is a way of life. Sensuality, hot, enthusiasm and love, are what it recommends. Music, dance and all else are simply part of a hot enthusiastic way of life that supports the dance; more than that it is a way of life of love, sophistication and enthusiasm.

Salsa dancing might burn dance floorings with flaming hot movements of romantic desire. It is as if spread potions filled the air to indulge people in a state of mind for love. With enthusiastic execution of motions, thumb-thumping heart beats, and a free streaming visually stunning dance moves, a dance can really speak language of feeling and enthusiasm.

Salsa dancing is always great entertainment. Its attracting body movements and positions is always an appealing view for any one from different cultures. It can draw out the alluring attractive figure of the dancers, on both males and female. Quickly, the couple can unexpectedly become the most romantic Latino dating partners on the dance flooring. In addition, it can emit impressions of gentleness, hot and enthusiastic to the dancing couples.

Furthermore, learning salsa is possible. Basic foot turns and hips swings can be gotten quickly through tutorial dance videos and even simply dance video online. While advance strategies such as spins, dips, and styling can be obtained with in-person lessons. Learning ways to dance salsa is now simple and budget friendly. From DVDs to online tutorials, to classes in your city or town, it has written never ever been much easier to learn this attractive Latin dance.

In fact, learning the best ways to dance salsa is not a gruelling activity. There are currently numerous means to learn its standard moves. Easy actions and hip swings and others can now be quickly obtained from tutorial dance videos online. In reality, it is so simple to download.

Nevertheless, the soul of this dancing is on how the dancers do their improvisation. Imaginative, free streaming, and unexpected dance moves determined on a 4/4th beat is what makes salsa extraordinary. Eccentricity is a property on this ever progressing dance style.