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Misconceptions About Marketing to the Latino Neighborhood

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There are many overstated claims about the Latino neighborhood as a market. Typically, companies blindly pursue these markets without considering how it is that there is a need for their products of services.

The truth is that although there is a very big Latino population they are not actually frequently bonded by their language and in truth, they are really fragmented. There are brand-new immigrants; there are old immigrants; there are Latinos from Old Mexico that have actually been here for centuries; there are initially generation; there are 2nd generation; there are Latinos from Mexico; there are Latinos from Cuba, there are Latinos from Puerto Rico, and there are Latinos from many other Central America and South American nations.

Types of Latinos

Despite the fact that Latinos are broadly classified as Hispanics, they are not all going to react the exact same. Current immigrants that have remained in the nation a number of years are significantly different from immigrants that have been around for 20 years. Usually, those that speak little English or that choose to handle Spanish are at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. First generation immigrants that pertained to this nation as children speak little or no Spanish at all. This naturally is true most of the time, but nevertheless, we cannot say that those that choose to talk Spanish are always at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder.


Tv, paper, and radio reach mainly immigrants and frequently overemphasize the analytical information. It holds true that there are substantial Latino populations, but their reach is restricted. As a guideline, just about 50% of Latino population can be reached with media directed to the Spanish speaking neighborhood. Analytical information will validate from the United States Census shows a photo that is very different from the information that is manipulated when provided by salespeople. The other 50% can best be reached through different demographics. Contrary to common belief the Latino population is, in fact, taking in simply as rapidly as other groups have in the past as well as though the Latino population is growing the variety of Spanish speaking Latinos grows mostly through migration.

The media directed to the Spanish speaking neighborhood can be effective for companies attempting to reach the Latino neighborhood when they are using items and services that are more of the nature of products such as food, mobile phone service, low and medium priced clothes, and to some degree specialized products such as western clothes, but these customers are not prime customers for higher end or more advanced items.

Wrong Approach to Marketing

Some companies appear to not understand that there is not one big Latino population and invest greatly in marketing efforts and are frequently dissatisfied with the outcomes. What some company also do not take into account is that some efforts are really detrimental. Mass mailings for people with Spanish surnames, for instance, are not well advised. It stinks for well-informed Latinos that speak the English language well to be targeted with Spanish language spam, telemarketing, or person to person solicitation.

Spanish Staff

Other issues that services appear to overlook is that you really need Spanish speaking staff to provide these items and services. What is the expense to a business when Spanish speaking customers set foot in your business and there is nobody to offer service? There are also laws referring to handling Spanish speaking customers. When have the clients and the staff, you need a support group that includes Spanish literature and agreements. If the deal is worked out in Spanish in many states, and definitely in California, you are required to offer a Spanish language translation. If the files are not equated and the settlements are performed in Spanish, the customer has the idea to rescind the agreement.


At the end of everything, if you are not prepared to really service the Latino neighborhood, you might wind up with lost sales and big legal costs to boot. A couple of companies have actually experienced this very first hand when they work with dishonest sales individuals that attempt to make the most of Latino customers, specifically in bigger deals that have some sort of a composed agreement such as car sales. Check out our homepage for more interesting articles like this one.